Loring Park Neighborhood Master Plan
adopted by the City of Minneapolis October 18th, 2013

Cover pages and Index PDF 1MB

Executive Summary PDF 4.5MB

Introduction PDF 5.8MB


CHAPTER 1 - Cultural Assets and Economic Vitality - PDF 7MB

CHAPTER 2 - Land Use & Built Form - PDF 10.8MB

CHAPTER 3 - Preserving Historic Resources - PDF 9MB

CHAPTER 4 - Public Realm - PDF 5.3MB

CHAPTER 5 - Sustainability - PDF .7MB

Implementation Plan - PDF .4MB


Figure 2A Land Use Built Form Districts - PDF .2MB

Figure 2C Land Use Plan - PDF .2MB

Figure 2E Built Form Plan - PDF.3MB

Figure 4A Map of Public Realm Improvements - PDF .3MB

Appendix - Under construction link

Developers Guide - PDF 6.9MB

Discovery Reports

Public Realm Discovery Report PDF 2.4MB

LEED-ND Sustainability Discovery Report PDF 1MB

Cultural Assets Discovery Report PDF 1MB

Urban Charecter & Building Stock Discovery Report PDF 2.5MB

Community Workshop Event Records

Discovery Workshop, PDF 2.1MB October 2, 2010

Visioning Loring Park in 2030, PDF 1.6MB November 6, 2010

Designing a Sustainable Neighborhood, PDF .4 MB January 22, 2011

Community Design and Policy Review, PDF 1.5 MB May 14, 2011


Community Gathering/Forum Event Records

The History and Shaping of the Loring Park Neighborhood PDF 1MB September 30, 2010

The Creative Neighborhood in the Creative City, PDF .5MB November 4, 2010

Transportation Panel, PDF .2 MB April 14, 2011

Transportation Panel II, PDF .2 MB June 9, 2011

Focus Group Notes

Nicollet Avenue

The Arts

Harmon Place

Harmon Place II

Property Owners

Condo Owner

Stake holder Notes
Diane Woelm
Mirum Must
Ray Harris
Kim Havey
Robert Copeland
Hennepin Co. Commissioner Gail Dorfman
State Senator Scott Dibble
Inspector Matt Clark, MPD

List of planning process participantst PDF .5MB

Steering Committee Meeting Records PDF .2MB

Consultant Request For Proposal PDF .2MB

Loring Park Neighborhood Master Plan Steering Committee

Neil Reardon
Richard Sandberg
Christopher Hoffer
Janine Jelks-Seale
Paul Hinderager
Mike Marn
Marn Nelson
Steve Barberio, Loring Theater
Brian Goldberg, HAUMC
Reede Webster, MCTC
Rich Simons, Episcopal Cathedral of St. Mark

Bob Copeland
Diane Moe
Co-chair Robert Cook
Chair John Van Heel
CLPC Coordinator, Jana Metge
City Planner, Beth Elliott
NRP Specialist, Joe Horan